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1918 Bungalow


When the going gets tough, the pretty girls strip.

So, if we remember back to my last post about stripping, we left off with the door looking like this:


I had used the heat gun on the paint on one side. This weekend I applied a coat of CitriStrip and let that sit for about 3 hours. Here’s the door with CitriStrip on it:


Ok, it ocurrs to me now that you can’t really see much difference between the first and the second photo. Whatever. Stick with me, people.

So, when I started scraping off the CitriStrip it looked all brown and clumpy and generally nasty, like this:



And it appears I didn’t do a thorough enough job with the heat gun the first time around. There’s still too much paint left after the CitriStrip. But this is a learning experiement! So, what have we learned? I learned that the CitriStrip does a fantastic job getting off the leftover old varnish, leaving the beautiful stain of the wood intact. After I wiped off the excess CitriStrip with mineral spirits and generally wiped down the whole door, here’s what it looked like:


I still have some clean-up work to do on this side, but it’s on its way to looking beautiful again! I flipped the door over to let that side dry while I started heat gunning the other side. Now that I have the hang of the heat gun I’m able to be more careful about getting all the paint off, and I’m also finding it easier to remove the paint from the carved trim edges with the heat gun than with CitriStrip. Fortunately, the paint on the other side of the door isn’t in as many layers and the top layer holds together in one big sheet of latex, so it’s coming off really well. Pictures of side B coming soon.

(As happens with so many singles, the B side of this release will end up being a bigger hit than the A side. But I’ll be in good company. Unchained Melody, I Will Survive, and Maggie May were all B sides. And now you can say you learned something today too!)

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2 Responses to “When the going gets tough, the pretty girls strip.”

  1. December 11th, 2007 at 4:24 am

    Nate says:

    Ooh! Such nice wood. Oak? Beats my fir.

    Be careful using strippers with heat guns! A big historic church in Fargo on the historic register burned down about ten years ago when the flammable chemical strippers caught fire and the whole place was quickly ablaze!

    Cautionary tales aside, I’m excited to see some paint fall upstairs!

  2. December 11th, 2007 at 4:46 pm

    ournewoldhouse1 says:

    “Ooh! Such nice wood.”

    That’s what she said. 😛

    I am trying to keep my self restraint and finish stripping both of my practice doors before trying anything upstairs. It’s like someone studying kendo (Japanese swordsmanship) only practices with wooden swords until they’ve completed a certain number of practices. I want to know I’ve got the technique well under control before I try anything on the woodwork I’m keeping!

    Ha! Yeah, I definitely don’t want anything to catch on fire. Fire bad! (Remember that stupid Metallica cartoon that went around the internet a few years back? http://youtube.com/watch?v=VIuR5TNyL8Y)

    Wow, I just can’t stay on topic these days. Must be the caffeine.

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