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Random Wednesday Update

I’ve made a little more progress on the walls in the front bedroom.  It’s a slow process and I’m maybe working a little too meticulously.  I worry that I’m trying to be a perfectionist with these walls.  One of my fellow housebloggers at This Old Crack House is crazy for smooth walls and I may be sliding down that slippery slope.  It starts with patching a few cracks before priming.  It ends with applying a skim coat over the whole room and agonizing over every tiny ripple and dent.  I’m not there yet, but I can see it from here!

 I did my first corner last night.  Pictures are coming soon, I promise.  All the corners in this room are cracked and separated.  Structurally, the walls are sound, it’s just that nobody repaired the plaster that cracked as the house settled, so the cracks have just been growing under layers of wallpaper for 50 years or so. 

 Like I said before, I’ve never done this plaster thing before so when someone recommended using a wet sponge to smooth the plaster after it had dried, I figured I’d try it.  A sponge didn’t really do much, but a regular kitchen scouring pad worked great.  Nate, my friend!  Why are you submitting your lungs, your eyes, and your roommates to the dust of dry sanding?  Wet sanding is the way to go, bro!  Maybe dry sanding is faster?  Anyway, there will be no dust angels in my house, at least not from plaster dust!  Maybe I can make paint chip angels when I start stripping the woodwork.  (shudder)

I did a corner over the door last night and it turned out pretty good!  When I started getting sleepy and frustrated, though, I put away the plaster and worked on taping the rest of the cracks in the room in preparation for plastering later.  I got almost all the taping done last night so I’ll have a jump on things when I get back to it this weekend.  We’re supposed to get a snow storm so it’ll be a good weekend to stay inside playing with white powdery stuff.

 Let’s see… what else have I been doing around the house?  Oh, I’ve been stripping more paint off the door in the basement, getting Brandon’s help on getting the paint off one of the registers using ammonia, and perhaps most dramatically, continuing my quest for a razor scraper.

 Those cheapo utility scrapers just aren’t cutting it for me anymore.  So on my last trip to Menard’s I picked up a better quality, slightly larger hand held razor scraper.  I got it home, tried it out, found myself perfectly satisfied with it, and promptly LOST it somewhere in my house!  I don’t know what could have happened to it!  Somewhere between pausing in scraping the dining room floor and stepping into the hallway to get the broom and dustpan, I put it down somewhere and haven’t been able to find it since.  Brandon helped me look for it all that evening.  We continued the search the next day.  We overturned every item in our house, looked in all the least likely places.  I swear to the Flying Spaghetti Monster we looked in the refrigerator!  It’s still missing.  I may have to buy another one until it turns up.  I hope they’re still sale priced at Menards when I go. 

That’s it for my update for now.  Happy Wednesday, everybody!

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  1. January 17th, 2008 at 2:57 pm

    Nate says:

    I guess I sand because I’m not too much of a perfectionist while slapping on the mud. It would just take too long with the sponge. Sanding just works better for me.

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