Our New Old House

1918 Bungalow


Like picking at a thousand scabs

After this weekend’s frenzy of heavy lifting and back breaking work, I’m left with a house full of crumbling wallpaper, greasy cabinets, and weird pus colored petrified carpet padding. I wandered the house on Sunday, picking at wallpaper here, scratching at carpet padding there, knocking down a few kitchen tiles, and just generally taking in the scope of how much crap is stuck to the walls of this house.

I loaded up my utility scraper with a fresh razor blade and got to work on one wall in the living room. Chunks of the wallpaper came off easily, leaving areas here and there where I’d have to scrape a little more vigorously later.

I quickly got bored with that wall and moved on to sand some of the crap off the floor with my coarse grade sanding pad on my orbital sander. When I could no longer feel my hands from the vibration, I got up and took a screw driver to the plastic tiles on the wall of the kitchen.

The good thing about this house is that I will never have to work on one project so long that I get totally burnt out on it. I can just keep drifting from room to room, making a little progress on each project. It all adds up to a lot, even though it’s spread out all over the house.

The biggest challenge was just keeping my utility knife unclogged. Some of the wallpaper was painted over and so when I scrape it, the stiff chips get stuck in between the razor blade and the part that it slides into. I had to keep scraping them out with a screw driver. I wonder if I got the wallpaper wet if that would make it easier to scrape or if that would just make it worse. Any thoughts?


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