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Installing Windows (a dialog)

So, my friend Ross and I chatted online a little today. Ross, like most of my friends, is a computer geek. Here’s what happened:

Kelli: I’m reading about how to install windows.
Ross: Any reason?
Kelli: Coz we’re going to need to install windows.
Ross: for work?
Kelli: No, for our new house.
Ross: I am le confused
Kelli: It’s got all the original windows in it and they’re a nightmare for insulation.
Ross: oh god
Ross: I’m a dork
Kelli: Oh my gosh
Kelli: Not Windows ™ windows that open and close on a house.
Ross: Yeah, just figured that out
: I’m like.. “But you’re married to a linux guy, and in a chat room full of linux folks”
Kelli: LOL That’s awesome

Here’s what I was reading: (PDF from Pella Windows)

About insurance:

I spoke with my agent at State Farm yesterday. He told me that in their eyes, builders risk insurance is meant for new construction. Where existing structures are concerned, they only write homeowners policies and the house we’re buying does not qualify for one of those. He recommended I find a small, independent insurance agent (translation: find someone who’s not very reputable in the business) and get them to try every insurance agency they have access to. He actually said, “State Farm won’t do it, but somebody out there will.”

On the plus side, our mortgage originator, who is excellent, recommended a specific Farmer’s agent for me so I’ve given his office a call and expect to have a quote from him on Monday. I did mention to his assistant that we’re hoping to close on Aug. 17, and she said they’d be able to write it up very quickly if it’s ok, so we should still be able to close.

Fingers crossed!

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