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Frozen pipes?

I’m cranky.  This morning we woke up to find we have no water running to the house.  We heard from the water company that there was a main break somewhere on the east side and that the water should be back on in a couple hours.  Many hours later it was not.  I called the water company again and the nice lady informed me that the break had been fixed hours ago and asked if I thought my pipes might be frozen.

I checked the pipes.  The basement was cold, but not cold enough to freeze the pipes inside the house.  They must be frozen outside the house.  She put in a ticket to have someone come check our pipes tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, on a whim, I tried using my heat gun to heat the pipes inside, just to make sure.  Nope, still no water.

So I need a shower.  It’s about 2am as I’m writing this and I’m looking at having to take a shower at my mom’s house before work if our water’s not back on in the morning.

Anybody have any words of wisdom that might help me out with frozen pipes possibly frozen outside my house?  Pretty much inaccessible to me?  Am I going to come home from work tomorrow to find my front yard dug up?

As I go to sleep tonight I have visions of impending expensive disaster.

Somebody please cheer me up.


One Response to “Frozen pipes?”

  1. February 12th, 2008 at 8:09 am

    Jennifer says:

    Oh no! Lack of showers put me in BAD morning moods.

    I hope it melts soon, and that it didn’t crack anything while it was frozen!

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