Our New Old House

1918 Bungalow


Flooring installation: Day one: Prep work

Here are some photos of what we — actually, Brandon — did to prep the bathroom to have tile put down:

First Brandon turned off the main water line and unhooked the faucet from the tub.


Then he put the faucet back together on the pipes so we could turn the main back on to the house.




A minor accident occured when he tried to push the tub away from the pipes. The feet came off! Turns out they were never really attached to the bottom, the tub just rested heavily on them and they hadn’t moved in a hundred years!


The feet nearest the back wall were never painted. Here’s also a look at the disgusting mess that had built up behind the tub under the carpet!


Here’s a close-up of one of the feet. These things are heavy! They must weigh almost 10 lbs. apiece!


And the back of the foot where it attaches to the tub.


Brandon disconnected the drain pipe at the bottom, hoping the part where it branches up and over would stay together. When he pulled on the tub, however, the two branches came apart. Mission accomplished… sort of. Looks like we’ll need new drain pipes.



 Come back soon for part two: More prep work!

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