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Fascinating Fixtures

This weekend was the second meeting of the Des Moines Rehabbers Club. I was thrilled to see so many repeat faces, and even more excited to meet some new people this time around. Steve Wilke-Shapiro already posted pictures of the event on RenovateDSM.com, so I’ll show you some pictures I took of some fascinating plumbing fixtures in this late 1800s house. Some of them are very old and some are new but have a classic character.

This toilet was in the third floor bathroom off what is known as the “ballroom.” Most people would call it an attic, but rumor has it the original owners of the house actually used it to host dances or something. Notice the carved pattern around the rim of the toilet. Talk about art in unseen places!


This sink is also in the third floor bathroom and seems to have new faucets but the original drain handle. Notice it says “pull” on top of the handle. How quaint!


And finally, this clawfoot tub has a really cool retrofitted faucet with a spray nozzle attachment. I covet it so!


This house has made me excited to find a Victorian era house to rehab next!

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  1. December 12th, 2007 at 2:50 pm

    Jennifer says:

    Those are drool worthy fixtures. I love the toilet. SOmething about the toilet as art that I love!

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