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Let’s Play a Game! Round 3: Twist and Shout

The cute red plastic screw on this device caught my eye. But what is the purpose of this little contraption? Leave your comments below!



Let’s Play a Game! Round 2: Heavy Metal

This mystery item seems to be made of solid iron. Stamped across the back is the message: “Pat App For.” Being the smarty-pants that I am, I figured out that means “Patent Applied For.” But my smarty-pants must be smarty-shorts because I have no idea what this is.

Leave a comment below and help me figure out what else I could use this for besides a doorstop!



Let’s Play a Game! Round 1: Get a Grip

Last weekend we cleaned out the garage at the Clear Lake house and came across some strange and interesting things that we couldn’t identify. Maybe you can help! Let’s play a game… What is it?

Check out the photos, leave your guess in the comments section below, and check back next Monday for another mystery item!






Rehabber’s Block?

Hey readers,

Do you ever find yourself losing motivation mid-project? Find yourself staring at the window frame you’ve been meaning to sand for six months and just can’t bring yourself to pick up the sandpaper? Do you find yourself stymied by that one little distasteful part of a project and seek out every possible distraction to feel like you have an excuse for not finishing it?

I’m going to call it Rehabber’s Block and I must confess I’ve got a pretty bad case.

I’ve gotten lots done around the house this summer. Planted a rose garden, reclaimed some weed-ridden patches in the back yard, found some great baseboards to replace the ones my bathroom is missing… but the one project I really need to finish sits idle. I just can’t get myself motivated to do it.

If you’ve faced this problem, what got you past it? Send me your stories and suggestions. I’m floundering here and I need to get back to work!

Blocked and bewildered,


Guest blogger: Brandon… “Mouse!”

The other night I wanted to rinse out some cups. about 2-3 seconds after turning on the water a small mouse (we’ve known we’ve had for about a week) sprung up out of the garbage disposal sink drain. He was very small (young, but adolescent), very frightened, and obviously wet. He scurried across the counter to a corner and tried to hide behind a jar.

We had been leaving our cupboards open in the hope that the cats would catch it this past week, but not only had they failed, when we tried to show them the mouse they were too afraid of being on the counter and immediately jumped down. (We’ve apparently trained them too well about staying off the kitchen counter).

By this point I’d gotten a better look at the mouse and felt bad about the idea of one of my cats getting it anyway. So with Kelli’s help we slowly cleared away various objects from the counter and I picked up a small plastic container to try and catch it. After we’d moved nearly everything out of the way, it made a dash out from behind the jar and I had it trapped momentarily with the side of the plastic container. However, it broke free and scurried to the other side of the counter behind the microwave.

So we started clearing everything away from that side of the counter. Then turned the microwave away from the wall a little and it dashed underneath and around to the sink again, but at this point fell into the sink basin and I was able to get the container over it.

Finally I slid the lid under and had it trapped and I took it far out to the shed in our back yard to let it loose.



The whole ordeal was probably 20+ minutes, and I was exasperated by the end of it.

So yeah… my cats apparently have about as much interest in mousing as Garfield. But it was oddly still kind of an enjoyable experience. …now to wash everything. 😛

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