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Today’s the day!!!

Countdown to 4:30 this afternoon!  That’s when we’re meeting at our mortgage originator’s office to sign the closing papers.  I’m still trying to think of a small thank you gift to give to our mortgage originator and our realtor because they’ve both been so extremely helpful in all this and worked their butts off so we could close as quickly as possible.

 So tonight the craziness begins!  I’m so excited. 

Hopefully I will have a special treat for those of you with broadband connections… video of our work!

I can take short movies with my digital camera and in addition to my (almost) daily blog posts with photos, once a week I’ll put up a video post with highlights from the week’s progress.  I fear it’ll end up looking more like a blooper reel, but if it entertains you for a few seconds, then it’s all worthwhile.  😉 

I can has insurance!

If you’re sick of the lolcats and their Engrish, too bad. I love them and I will emulate them on my blog.  So 😛

 The point is, we have been given an insurance quote by someone who seems reasonably reputable!  So that’s a HUGE load off my mind.

Meanwhile, in all the excitement about the house and construction and everything, Brandon and I totally spaced out that we’re supposed to send a lot of things to our mortgage originator: 2 most recent pay stubs (each), our 2006 W-2’s, and our bank statement.  We were worried at first because most of our important papers are in a filing cabinet in our house in Clear Lake, about a 2 hour drive from here.  We were JUST up there this weekend and didn’t want to have to spend the gas and the time to go up again tonight.  Fortunately, we filed our taxes online and were able to print a copy of our 2006 tax return, which has all the information the lender needs.  Brandon put together an email with the tax return, our bank statement (LOVE online banking), and we’ll be scanning our most recent pay stubs tonight to send by email. 

It feels like life’s putting up hurdles in front of us and we just keep sailing over them.  So far so good.  Four days and counting.

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