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A fire on the hearth once again

Back in October, the glass cracked in the wood burning stove. It’s not safe to use with cracked glass, so I got right on the phone to the company that installed it for me. The stove was still under warranty and I needed to go through an authorized dealer to get the part. Unfortunately, after getting the process started, this dealer stopped returning my calls and emails. I checked with some other authorized dealers of this brand of stove but with no luck. I finally contacted the manufacturer to report that their preferred method of using authorized dealers to service their stoves had broken down. Fortunately, their warranty service provider was very helpful and with some info about my stove, got a new glass panel shipped to me at no cost. So after suffering through the worst of this winter’s cold snaps without the use of our stove, this weekend we got to work replacing the broken glass.

I’m not sure how the break happened in the first place. This type of glass is actually a form of tempered ceramic and it’s supposed to withstand the hottest of temperatures. From what I understand about glass in general, it could have been a fault in the glass itself that finally gave way. I could have been that it was screwed into the door unevenly (as we discovered when taking it apart.) Some of the screws holding it in place were wrenched down really tightly and that may have caused it to crack when everything expanded with the heat.

The bolts have to withstand pretty high heat too. They hold the little metal clip that curves over the edge of a round metal bar that holds the glass snug against the inside of the door.

Here are the clips and bolts disassembled.

Our cat, Charlatan, was on hand to provide proper supervision.

The bolts were pretty tight, either from having been tightened really hard at installation, or from all the heat. With some muscle, K.O. was able to get them all undone while I steadied the door.

The broken pieces came out pretty cleanly. You can see the braided gasket still attached to some parts of the glass. The new piece of glass had this gasket already attached.

We gave the door a quick cleaning to make sure there wouldn’t be any debris between the door and the glass.

While I held the new piece of glass and the bracing bar in place, K.O. carefully re-assembled the clips.

Using a flathead screwdriver in one hand and a Phillips screwdriver in the other, K.O. held each clip in place so it wouldn’t twist sideways as the bolt was tightened.

Ta-da! Shiny new glass!

A fire glows warmly on our hearth once again, keeping our home toasty warm on a very low budget.

Even our fluffy overlord approves.

Front bedroom: slow transformation

I’ve been making slow but steady progress with stripping the paint off the woodwork in the front bedroom. Here are some pictures.







Scratch is impressed.

My blogging station

I thought you might want to see where I blog from.  This is where the magic happens, folks! 

Oh, that’s Zoot the cat in the foreground.  The top of our coffee table lifts up on arms and leaves these two apparently cat sized boxes.


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Pee smelling carpet… be gone!

I ripped out the carpet in the bathroom this week. It smelled like pee. Here’s Zoot sitting on the carpet one last time:


Under the carpet was some nasty padding:


And under that was some wierd old flooring that looks like those marble colored rubber balls that come with a jacks set.


Anyway, that smelled like mildew. I put down some baking soda and left it there overnight. That got rid of the smell. Now it’s just ugly. But it’s better than pee-smelling carpet.


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Bathroom sink: so close and yet so far

I am just a six inch piece of plastic tubing away from completing the bathroom sink installation.  I made my third trip to Menard’s last night and STILL came home with the wrong size tube.  I just wasn’t paying attention!  Gah!  I wanted so badly to get up this morning and brush my teeth in my new sink.  Oh well, as my Great Grandpa Rivera would sigh in resignation at the end of the day: “mañana.” (“Tomorrow.”)

Meanwhile, here are photos of my progress so far:

I used a hack saw to cut the drain pipe to the right length.

Then I used the hack saw to cut the PVC drain pipe too.

The PVC pipe was a little messy after I got done cutting it.

I used a steel wool pad to scrape off all the burrs and clean up the shavings and grime that might keep the PVC cement from bonding.

Here’s the sink after we mounted it to the wall.

The faucet now in place. We got the one from the same line as the one in the kitchen. “Savannah” from Price Pfister.

Ooh shiny! (This photo should come with a sound effect: “Ting!” Like the little chime it makes when someone on TV winks or smiles brightly.)

Last night when I realized I was missing one final part to hook up the sink, but it was too late to go back to Menard’s, I decided to take a break and go hang out with my friends at a bar. After a gin and tonic and sampling my friends’ drinks, I decided to come home around 11:30pm and at least hook up the drain stop before going to bed. Let’s hear it for plumbing while under the influence!

Zoot says, “Ur doin it wrong. No waterz comin’ out.”

Hooking up the drain stop.

Almost got it.

There was a big hole in the wall behind the back of the vanity from where they’d taken out some water damaged plaster from the old leaky sink. The top of our drain pipe branches up and over to the left somewhere. I can’t figure out where this extra drain pipe goes. It’s pointing toward the outside wall, but there’s no evidence of it exiting the house. Quite mysterious.

Tonight, I will be making what will hopefully be my final trip to Menard’s for this project. Hopefully.

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