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Andronicus, stain not thy floors with blood.

Clouds and eclipses may stain both moon and sun but it was our job to stain these floors with Cherry Minwax.


But first, Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner. (Does anyone else think that sounds a little dirty?)


When I did the front bedroom floor back in (omigosh) 2010, I applied everything using a brush. It was a small room and I wanted to be very careful about how much and how evenly everything was applied.


Ha! Remember that hair?

This time around I had a much larger area to cover and I also had help to keep things moving so we wouldn’t leave the stain on too long. We used wooly pads on the end of broom handles to spread everything on the floors.

Here’s the Pre-Stain going on in the bedroom. (Tee-hee!)


I still wiped everything by hand to make sure I got even coverage.

2012-11-05 21.45.23

We had some fun with the rag bag.


Then we started applying the stain a section at a time.


Once that was done we used basically the same technique to apply polyurethane. We used a variety specially made for floors. It was a little thicker than usual polyurethane (it looked and felt like maple syrup) and allowed application of a second coat without needing to sand in between.

Here are some more pictures of the staining and sealing process, in no particular order.

2012-11-05 19.10.27





Turning a Corner

The walls on Our New Old House separated when the house settled. When we removed the wallpaper cracks as wide as an inch were revealed where the corners should have been.


As I dug out the cracks to clean them up for repair, I found evidence of some previous repairs. Shreds of clothing had been wadded into the cracks to fill in some of the space.



I repaired the cracks by filling them in, shaping the corners with some mesh tape, and smoothing them out with a corner trowel.


I’m letting that plaster set and then it’ll be ready for sanding and priming. It’s quite satisfying putting a room back together that had fallen apart at the seams.

Riding the Rails

My updates on the windows keep trickling in slowly. If you’d like to see more about the process up to this point, read these past entries:

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A Spa For Window Sashes?

It Doesn’t Take a Boy Scout To Tie a Good Knot

The latest step in rehabbing my 100 year old wood windows is to install metal rails that the sashes will slide along as they move up and down. The rails serve two purposes: to make the surface between the sash and the frame smooth so the window glides better, and to keep drafts of air from coming around the sides of the sash.

Here’s the first strip installed. It is attached to the frame with flat head screws that rest flush with the surface so the sash doesn’t catch as it glides by.


In this picture you can see the unstained parting bead that goes between the sashes and the unstained panel that provides access to the weights. The metal strip goes over the access panel and alongside the parting bead. If installed with screws, it can easily be removed to get to the access panel.


A view of the strip on the other side:


My bedroom has windows again!


Also currently in progress are the living room windows. Since I’m running into a time crunch with these I’ve hired a local craftsman to reglaze and refinish the sashes for me while I strip the paint and prep the frames. I’ll be giving them the same metal rails as I did with the ones in these pictures. More pictures coming soon!

Plaster Takes Finesse.


I don’t have any finesse.

But I did manage to get more plaster on the ceiling than on my face.

Here’s the scratch coat. I’ll do one more rough layer and then a smooth top coat.


This is one of those projects where I feel I must remind you that sometimes this is a how-to blog, but mostly this is a “Let’s watch Kelli try projects she has no idea how to do yet”… blog.

But I’m learning. And hey! It’s entertaining, right?

Back to the back bedroom

Since we moved our bedroom furniture into the front bedroom I’ve started stripping the wallpaper off the walls. This wallpaper is one of my blog’s greatest hits. People comment on it all the time. I’m a little sad to see it go.


But there it goes!


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