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It’s a post-Christmas miracle!

Just a quick note to say that the huge hulking heap of an old air conditioner that we left on the curb a few days before garbage pickup was actually taken away by some wonderful air conditioner elf! I hope whoever it is gets good use out of it. It actually worked really well when we got rid of it, we just had no more use for it. Bless you, magic air conditioner elves!

Appliance round-up

Here’s a quick update on where we stand on appliances:

We bought a new 10 cu.ft. fridge and a dishwasher (both Whirlpool) at Menards last week.


We browsed for a microwave + range hood and came up with these two options (both come in white):

And actually, I think that’s all we had to look at so far.  But with the fridge there and the new electrical outlets in the kitchen, the place will be moderately livable, so the microwave and stuff can wait.   

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