Our New Old House

1918 Bungalow


A little pizza and beer gets you a lot of labor in this town!

Last night I planned to meet up with my Uncle Phillip who has a pickup truck, and two guys that I work with to move the washer and dryer that my Uncle Matt is giving us. We all met at my Grandparents’ house, which is about four doors down from my new old house. When we got there, my Uncle Michael was there and said he’d come along and help too. So with all those guys, plus my husband, Brandon, we had six of us to move two large appliances. Grandma had snagged the local church’s industrial strength dolly, and Brandon swung by Home Depot after work to pick up a standard issue dolly.

When we were all assembled around the truck, I couldn’t help but feel like it was maybe a bit of overkill, but more than that, I felt supremely grateful for having such awesome friends and family.

When we arrived at my Uncle Matt’s new (gorgeous!) house we were greeted at the door by my cousin Pam, who’s my age. I looked over her shoulder and saw that the house was teeming with children. A familiar sight among my family, but it was still pretty amusing. Uncle Matt’s seven kids were there with Pam’s two younger brothers, and Pam’s two little boys. That makes thirteen children between the ages of 2 and 14. I love my big family.

So anyway, we located the washer and dryer (the two they were keeping were already whirring with the laundry of a seven child household.) The five guys took turns taking one end of each appliance and pretty quickly loaded them both in the pickup. We drove back to the east side, I jumped out and unlocked the front door to gain access to the back door, and they pulled the truck around to the back. The basement stairs were a little tricky, but with an extra person standing at the bottom, they got them down with no trouble at all. The move was a success! No broken backs, no cuts or bruises, no smashed toes.

Dinner afterward at La Pizza House was awesome, as it always is, and now we will have a washer and dryer when we move in!

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